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We crop and rotate, adjust contrast, and colour balance them before saving.

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Photo Scanning and Reprints

What is photo scanning?

Photo scanning is a process that allows precise digital copies to be replicated from worn-out physical copies of photographs. We can adjust images by using advanced photo scanning software. So, we can bring out new detail in old photos. and create a permanent digital version that you can share and enjoy with your friends and family.

The resulting digital images are clear and high-resolution and you can view and enjoy on any or all of your digital devices. You can load them onto a digital photo frame or use as a background image on your home or work PC, the possibilities are endless.

Not only that, the scans are so crisp they can be pinched and zoomed so that you can appreciate the finer details that would have been impossible to see on the original.

How does photo scanning work?

You Send

1.    Choose your photographs and get in touch for a digital scanning quote. Once you’re ready, download and complete our order dispatch form and include it with your order.

2.    Check each photo and remove any debris such as tape or Blu Tack, and then arrange photos into bundles of the same size. Utilising these simple photo scanning tips aids the scanning process, so that we can scan and send your photos quickly.

3.    We can scan mounted photos, but this does take longer as it requires a special flatbed scanner. For this reason, a small premium is charged for this type of scanning.

4.    You can send your photos to us via post, we recommend using a tracked service such as Royal Mail Special Delivery or Hermes  to ensure that they reach us safely.

We Scan

1.    Our experienced operators check the quality of each and every photograph as they scan them, performing individual quality control checks throughout the scanning process. If a photograph is not deemed to have passed these checks, we rescan it until it does.

2.    We save each image cropped and rotated in a digital format, usually jpeg in either 300 or 600dpi. Upon completion, we will deliver the digitised images to you on a DVD, memory stick, or as a download from a secure FTP site or cloud platform.