Tape Transfer Convert VHS/s VHS/8mm/mini DV to DVD or USB

The 3 Greens can do tape transfer onto DVD or digital files if you have old tapes full of precious memories and you are worried of losing them.
This way you can keep them for years.
Video tapes become deteriorated over time, as well as it being harder to find equipment to play your tapes. Don’t let your precious memories and home videos fade on old video tapes, but keep them alive with our video transfer service and enjoy them as digital files on all your devices.

Tape Transfer - Convert VHS to DVD

Photo Scanning Service

Scanning your old photos preserves their quality and all the good memories in those albums

Whether it’s old family photos or old postcards, you can preserve your precious memories and enjoy them over and over again, with our high quality photo scanning services. Just send us the originals and we’ll scan them into digital files and save them on a DVD or USB stick.

Slide Scanning Service

By digitizing your family photos and other memories, and converting them to DVD or USB, you can relive the moments over and over again. Slides age and the image deteriorates over time, but by digitally capturing your family history and other memories, you can keep them forever.

Cine film to DVD/USB

Old cine film can be easily transferred to DVD using our transfer service, a convenient and affordable way to revisit times gone by.

Casette to CD/USB

Have you lately discovered a box of audio tapes from your childhood that you can’t play? Don’t let them deteriorate in quality by sitting around collecting dust. We can capture the audio files from an old tapes to modern digital formats, ensuring you keep your recording preserved and enjoy listening to it over and over on a CD player or computer.

Old memories remade for today with our tape transfer service

Bring special moments back to life.

Let us know which type of media you’d like to convert


Looking for a shop to convert your old tapes to DVD near you?

We convert VHS and camcorder tapes to digital or DVD


We can put your files on USB and you can play them on any device including mobile phones.

How much does it cost to transfer video tape to DVD?

We have price breaks for quantities, please get in touch for a quote.

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